SNAP Under Attack On Multiple Fronts

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan Federal lawmakers have been debating the reauthorization of the Farm Bill for more than two years now. The SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps, has been central in that debate.  During this drawn out reauthorization process, House members’ proposals to cut SNAP have grown in size and harmfulness. On top of […]

In Farm Bill Debate, No Clear Path for SNAP

Rachel Cooper

That’s the big question these days for anyone interested in food and nutrition policy.  The simple response is “which Farm Bill?” Since the 1970’s federal farm and nutrition policy has been set every 5 years with the reauthorization of a new Farm Bill.  Typically the Farm Bill is where rules and funding for SNAP (food […]

Farm Bill Update from the Food Team

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan The US Senate and House Agriculture Committees approved separate versions of a new five-year farm bill and both pieces of legislation include damaging cuts to SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp program). Both the House and Senate versions make significant reductions in federal spending and address inefficiencies in agricultural programs. However, their treatment […]

Farm Bill Extension Protects SNAP For Now

The fiscal cliff left policy junkies across the country on the edge of their chairs though the New Year. Yet while we wonks all speculated about the destiny of the Bush Tax Cuts and the ominous sequestration, parents feared the milk cliff and the prospect that their growing teenage sons might drive them to financial […]

The Farm Bill Meets the Fiscal Cliff

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan The 2008 Farm Bill expired on September 30, 2012, after the House and the Senate were unable to reach agreement on new legislation.  Since then, Congress’ focus has largely shifted away from the Farm Bill to the pending “fiscal cliff” that could take effect on January 1, 2013. However, the reauthorization of […]