2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Health Insurance Reform

CPPP's Stacey Pogue

The biggest news with health insurance in the 2013 legislative session is what did not pass.  Before it started, I hoped the session would help prepare Texas for big changes to the health insurance market in 2014—changes that are coming whether Texas is prepared or not!  For the most part, that didn’t happen. The Legislature missed […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Mental Health

Katharine Ligon

Mental health has received a lot of well-deserved attention this legislative session after the recent violent tragedies in our nation.  Texas legislators deserve praise for recognizing that all Texans benefit from a stronger mental health system with increased funds for prevention and better access to services. Of the more than 250 bills related to mental […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Adult Basic Education & Literacy

CPPP Leslie Helmcamp

The 2013 Legislature brought big changes to the Adult Basic Education (ABE) and literacy system in Texas. SB 307 by Sen. Joan Huffman, effective September 1, transfers oversight of ABE programs from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The bill is a positive step towards strengthening Texas’ ABE and literacy programs […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Medicaid & CHIP

Back in January, I noted that the most sweeping Medicaid issue of the 2013 session—with over a million uninsured Texans, billions of federal dollars for our economy, and hundreds of thousands of new jobs at stake—would be Texas’ opportunity to cover all citizen adults up to just above the poverty line in Medicaid, with a […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Tax Giveaways

Dick Lavine, Senior Fiscal Analyst at the Center for Public Policy Priorities

This session, the Legislature give higher priority to tax giveaways than to fully restoring public services to their pre-recession levels.  Three major tax giveaways, plus renewal and expansion of the state’s major school property tax abatement program, will hurt the state’s ability create the human and physical infrastructure needed to ensure a prosperous future for […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: Payday Lending Reform

The 2013 regular legislative session ended without the passage of any payday and auto title lending reform. As a result, the Legislature missed a critical opportunity to protect Texas consumers from excessive fees and unnecessary auto repossessions by failing to pass SB 1247, the omnibus reform bill filed by Sen. John Carona.  This bill included the […]

2013 Lege Wrap-Up: SNAP

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan During the 2013 legislative session, legislators filed 26 bills related to SNAP (formerly the food stamp program). Although SNAP is 100 percent federally funded, state lawmakers do have the ability to make administrative changes to the program. Of the filed bills, only two were sent to the governor to sign into law. […]