Sizing Up the Texas Budget: Student Financial Aid

CPPP Leslie Helmcamp

Jordan dreamt of being the first in her family to graduate from college. But she never imagined that dream would come at a cost of more than $20,000 in student debt while working two jobs and attending school full time. Each year, more than 40,000 economically disadvantaged high school seniors enroll in Texas colleges. And […]

CPPP Announces New Executive Director

Working for a Better Texas

Nationally renowned social justice lawyer and communicator Ann Beeson takes the CPPP helm on Sept. 3. AUSTIN, TEXAS—The Center for Public Policy Priorities’ Board of Directors and staff are pleased to announce that Ann Beeson has been named Executive Director of CPPP. A nationally renowned social justice lawyer, nonprofit leader, and effective communicator, Beeson brings […]

Farewell and Thank You from F. Scott McCown

Dear Friends, Today is my last day at CPPP. I want to thank all our friends and supporters who have fought with us over this past decade for a better Texas, where economic and social opportunity is available in fair measure for all. This fight goes on–for good jobs, for access to health care and […]


At CPPP, we believe in the people of Texas. And we believe that all Texans deserve a chance to live a safe and healthy life–seeing a doctor when they need one, having healthy food on the table, and getting the education they need to secure their economic future. But what does it take for families […]

A Fighting Chance: Shamekia and James

Shamekia and James live in Austin, Texas. As carpenter and welder by trade, James was working full-time and earning plenty of money to provide for his five children when he was laid off during the Great Recession. When James lost his job, he and Shamekia weren’t able to afford rent and bills for their home. […]

A Fighting Chance: Delores

It took Delores a long time to pull herself out of poverty. As a single mother of five children in Bryan, Texas, she couldn’t find a job and was barely able to feed and clothe her family. She relied on housing assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and other family members to survive. Once she found a […]

A Fighting Chance: Alexis and Richard

Alexis and Richard were students at Texas Tech University when they found out they were going to have a baby. Their son, however, would be born with no kidney function and would likely have other severe health problems. Because the doctors in Lubbock weren’t equipped to treat baby Ian’s condition, Alexis and Richard moved to […]

A Fighting Chance: Alyssa and Anthony

Alyssa and Anthony are both working full-time in Austin, Texas, but their jobs do not pay them enough to cover their expenses. They live in a small duplex with their daughter Phoebe, but struggle to pay their rent, utilities and water bills, and afford enough food for the week. The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) […]

A Fighting Chance: Sarah and Matt

Sarah and Matt are living paycheck-to-paycheck in Austin, Texas. When their third child Cooper, now 3, was born with dislocated hips and crisscrossed legs, he needed constant care, several surgeries, and physical therapy.  Sarah was forced to choose between keeping her full-time job as a nurse and caring for her newborn baby. Since Sarah stopped […]

“A Fighting Chance” Is Now Online

Last week, our documentary “A Fighting Chance” aired on KLRU-Austin PBS, followed by a moving Civic Summit panel discussion about the struggles Texas families face just to meet their basic needs. The full 26-minute documentary is now live on our YouTube channel, and you watch the Civic Summit on KLRU’s website. We want to thank […]