VIDEO: What Is this Medicaid Expansion all about?

By Texas Well and Healthy staff Are you looking for more information about how strengthening Medicaid will impact Texas? Cheasty and the Texas Well and Healthy team has all the answers for you – in English and Spanish!        

TexasForward and the Petition to Restore Education and Health Care

TexasForward Coalition Meeting

By Mia Ibarra TexasForward, a broad-based revenue coalition promoting a balanced approach to state budget decisions, held its quarterly membership meeting on Friday, October 26. Representatives from many of the coalition’s 53 member organizations gathered in Austin to strategize for the upcoming legislative session. While the Texas economy is recovering and 2012 sales tax revenue […]

VIDEO: Health Reform Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Cheasty Anderson

She might be on maternity leave, but you can still catch Cheasty explaining the ins and outs of health care reform. She and the Texas Well and Healthy team have created short videos about the law, and in the latest one, she’s explaining how the Affordable Care Act is holding insurance companies accountable…in disguise!

Why Decision By DSHS to Halt Privatization is Good for Texans

Katharine Ligon

By Katharine Ligon A coalition of mental health and civil rights advocates, as well as Texas Legislators, are celebrating the recent decision by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) not to privatize the Kerrville State Hospital, one of 10 state mental health facilities. This all started when the 2009 Legislature directed DSHS to […]

What Is the Big Idea, Anne?!

Frances Deviney

By Frances Deviney Well, Anne’s at it again! Our associate director Anne Dunkelberg has been sought out for her expertise on health policy in Texas for a new series of reports by First Focus called Big Ideas: Children of the Southwest. In it, experts from seven southwestern states talk about why we have a record […]

Watch This Wednesday: Health Insurance Exchanges

Cheasty Anderson

By Texas Well & Healthy staff A lot of discussion about the Affordable Care Act revolves around the role of health insurance exchanges. Texas will have one in 2014, but what is the health insurance exchange? Our community educator, Cheasty Anderson, may be out on maternity leave, but she helped us in developing “video one-pagers” […]

3 Great Tools on Medicaid Expansion and Texas, and One More to Read

The Affordable Care Act’s opportunity to cover more uninsured Texans under Medicaid starting in 2014 is such a big deal that some county officials are wondering how Texas can move forward, despite the governor’s reluctance.  We are lucky to have available three new tools to help us understand why the new option is so valuable […]

Insurance Plans Are Finally Easier to Read

Stacey Pogue

By Stacey Pogue Health Insurance Pop Quiz – How much is your deductible? How about, your out-of-pocket limit?  Does your health insurance have one?  If so, which costs that you pay out-of-pocket do NOT count toward your out-of-pocket limit? Which health care services are excluded from your plan? Confused by your health insurance benefits?   Join […]

New Study Estimates the Impact the Affordable Care Act Will Have on Texas Counties

By Kevin C. Moriarty The fervor the U.S. Supreme Court decision over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this summer caused is understandable given how drastically the law is expected to change our healthcare delivery system. Since then, pundits, scholars, and people on all sides of the issue have offered wildly different estimates on who the […]

New Uninsured Numbers for Texas Children Show Slight Improvement

By Anne Dunkelberg Right after the new Current Population Survey data on the uninsured in Texas and the nation 2011 came out, I took an dive into numbers and was able to pull out some key initial numbers. No surprise, Texas still has the worst uninsured ranking in the country, with 6.08 million uninsured (23.8 […]