The Budget Puzzle–Part Three

The 2014-15 consolidated HHS proposal to provide CHIP and Medicaid-supported health care, Early Childhood Intervention programs, foster care/child protective services, state hospitals, and various public health and nutrition services includes the following: a $1.4 billion General Revenue baseline increase (from $27.7 billion in 2012-13, after paying the Medicaid I.O.U., to $29.1 billion in 2014-15); $1.6 […]

Why Decision By DSHS to Halt Privatization is Good for Texans

Katharine Ligon

By Katharine Ligon A coalition of mental health and civil rights advocates, as well as Texas Legislators, are celebrating the recent decision by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) not to privatize the Kerrville State Hospital, one of 10 state mental health facilities. This all started when the 2009 Legislature directed DSHS to […]