Insurance Plans Are Finally Easier to Read

Stacey Pogue

By Stacey Pogue Health Insurance Pop Quiz – How much is your deductible? How about, your out-of-pocket limit?  Does your health insurance have one?  If so, which costs that you pay out-of-pocket do NOT count toward your out-of-pocket limit? Which health care services are excluded from your plan? Confused by your health insurance benefits?   Join […]

New Study Estimates the Impact the Affordable Care Act Will Have on Texas Counties

By Kevin C. Moriarty The fervor the U.S. Supreme Court decision over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this summer caused is understandable given how drastically the law is expected to change our healthcare delivery system. Since then, pundits, scholars, and people on all sides of the issue have offered wildly different estimates on who the […]

New Uninsured Numbers for Texas Children Show Slight Improvement

By Anne Dunkelberg Right after the new Current Population Survey data on the uninsured in Texas and the nation 2011 came out, I took an dive into numbers and was able to pull out some key initial numbers. No surprise, Texas still has the worst uninsured ranking in the country, with 6.08 million uninsured (23.8 […]

Ask Cheasty: How Do Employers Figure Out Obligations to Insure Employees?

Cheasty Anderson

Dear Cheasty, I’ve heard about the Affordable Care Act and how small businesses don’t have to provide insurance, but large employers do have to, or they’ll pay a penalty. I run a business with 16 full-time office employees (whom we insure) and over 250 part-time employees (who don’t get insurance), and I’m curious whether that […]

Ask Cheasty: Will I have to buy insurance if I don’t earn much?

Cheasty Anderson

Dear Cheasty, Can you clarify what the “8% rule” means? I’ve heard that it has to do with whether you pay a tax if you don’t buy health insurance, but I’m not sure how it works. Thank you, Studying Up on Health Reform in San Antonio Dear Studying Up, No problem! I’d be happy to […]

Ask Cheasty: Will All Contraception Be Free on Aug 1?

Dear Cheasty, Under the ACA, will the August 1 no-copay rule for contraception apply to EXISTING health plans or just new ones? And do you know if IUDs will be covered? Sincerely, Confused About the Contraception Rule Dear Confused, What a great question! There has been a lot of chatter about the August 1, 2012 […]

OP-ED: Health Reform Ruling is Good for Texas

Between interviews, conference calls and deciphering the Supreme Court’s opinion to uphold the Affordable Care Act, our associate director and health care guru Anne Dunkelberg wrote this guest column for the Texas Tribune: Health Reform Ruling is Good for Texas Thursday’s court ruling, is, to paraphrase the vice president, a really big deal for the country […]

SCOTUS liveblog watch party

SCOTUS liveblog watch party

The CPPP health care team gathered around the monitor this morning – tacos, donuts and coffee in tow – to watch the Supreme Court’s live blog for a potential decision regarding the Affordable Care Act.

With no decision posted today, looks like we’ll be having another watch party on Thursday! Check out the SCOTUS liveblog for Thursday’s action starting at 9 a.m. central time!