Navigators Are Essential In Enrolling Newly-Eligible Texans In Health Coverage

CPPP's Stacey Pogue

Today, I testified in support of HB 459 which authorizes the ACA Navigator program in state law and coordinates state-level oversight with the federal exchange to prevent duplication.  Pogue reminded committee members that in 2014, individuals can enroll in Medicaid, CHIP, and private coverage through the exchange, and Navigators are one form of in-person assistance that […]


At CPPP, we believe in the people of Texas. And we believe that all Texans deserve a chance to live a safe and healthy life–seeing a doctor when they need one, having healthy food on the table, and getting the education they need to secure their economic future. But what does it take for families […]

Researchers Explain Their County-Level Estimates of Texas ACA Insurance Coverage & Medicaid Expansion

Last Friday was a circus for Medicaid and health care watchers.  Just down the hall, as the hearing we blogged about earlier this week went into its third hour of Medicaid Expansion discussion, 80-something Capitol folk tore themselves away from the hearing to attend our research briefing, sponsored by Methodist Healthcare Ministries, exploring similar ground.  […]

First Hearing Reveals Robust Texas Conversation on Medicaid Expansion

Last Friday was a double-feature for Capitol watchers and health care fans, but the policy in the spotlight will touch every Texan. Chairman Pitts of the House Appropriations committee devoted three hours to invited testimony on Medicaid expansion and Texas.  The LBB laid out their estimates of costs, noting that they are working on—but have not […]

211 Data: Austin-area residents struggling to make ends meet

We believe that every Texas family has the right to live a safe and healthy life. That means stable housing, nutritious food on the table, and access to a good education and training for the jobs of today . . . and tomorrow. Recent data from the United Way of Greater Austin’s 211 Navigation Center […]

TX House Pays Our Unpaid Bills & Prevents Job Losses

The Texas House has approved the first of a few supplemental spending bills that will be enacted for state fiscal 2013, which ends this August. HB 10 authorizes $4.5 billion in General Revenue needed to pay about six months’ worth of Medicaid and CHIP bills, a shortfall that was deliberately written into the 2012-13 budget during […]

OPED–Insurance Department Needs Teeth

CPPP's Stacey Pogue

“Imagine a jury that can find a criminal guilty but can’t sentence that person to jail. How about a cop that can pull you over for speeding but can’t write a ticket? Or, a referee that can throw a flag but can’t impose a penalty. Whoever oversees the rules in life needs to be able […]

Covering More Low-Income Adults Will Save TX Money & Bring In New Revenue

My testimony to the House Appropriations HHS subcommittee Monday highlighted large cost savings and new revenues Texas can expect if we accept the ACA opportunity to cover very low-income adults in Medicaid. You can download the full document here. 

OPED–Texans Need Better Health Coverage

In his weekly Austin American-Statesman column, our executive director F. Scott McCown writes about how important health insurance is to Texans, and how strengthening Medicaid would boost our state’s future – “Last April, I was diagnosed with leukemia. My only symptom was a persistent low-grade fever. Without health insurance, I wouldn’t have gone to the […]

Budget & Health Care Presentations Available To Download

Working for a Better Texas

Today, our budget & health care teams hit the Capitol to brief legislators, their staff, and advocates on what makes a better Texas budget and better Texas health care for all families in our state. Thank you to all 165 of you who could attend! If you couldn’t be there in person, we have all […]