Health Plan Cancellations: The Rest of the Story

CPPP's Stacey Pogue

For the last week or so, there’s been lots of news coverage of people enrolled in the individual insurance market getting discontinuation notices from their health insurance companies.  Up until recently, the news coverage has told only part of the story.  More and more, we are hearing that after the initial frustration of getting a […]

Setting the Record Straight on Pre- and Post-ACA rates

CPPP's Stacey Pogue

It seems that bogus comparisons of health insurance premiums before and after the Affordable Care Act (a.ka. Obamacare) keep popping up.  Many of these analyses are misleading at best—comparing apples to oranges and ignoring what people will actually pay once subsidies are included. Given that we probably  won’t see the end of these comparisons any […]

My First Volunteer Shift at Insure Central Texas

It was Stacey Pogue’s great idea first to get trained as Certified Application Counselors (CACs) under the oversight of a US Department of HHS-approved entity.  What better way to contribute to the effort of getting Texans covered, and at the same time really find out how the new system works?  Foundation Communities, a wonderful Austin […]

Countdown to Coverage: Opening Day

Today’s opening of the new Health Insurance Marketplace is kind of a big deal–for health care access, for Texas, for the nation, and for CPPP.  Many of you know that the Center was founded in 1985 by the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne with a mission to improve health care access for “poor and disenfranchised Texans.” […]

Countdown to Coverage: Overview of Marketplace Rates and Subsidies

Working for a Better Texas

By Megan Randall In another blog post, we showed you examples of actual Marketplace premiums across the state and how they vary by region, age, and subsidy level.  This post will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how insurers set premiums in the marketplace and how the subsidies are calculated. How Does Rating Work in the […]

Countdown to Coverage: What Will It Cost?

Working for a Better Texas

By Megan Randall On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services unveiled preliminary rates for the Texas Health Insurance Marketplace, scheduled to launch October 1, 2013.  What do these preliminary rates mean for you and your health insurance options?  Below, we’ll walk through a few examples illustrating how actual Marketplace premiums in Texas […]

Countdown to Coverage: Have Questions About Fees?

Working for a Better Texas

By Megan Randall Starting October 1, 2013 many Americans will have the opportunity to enroll in new affordable coverage options through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  With these new coverage opportunities, however, comes a new requirement that most individuals have health insurance in 2014, or pay a fee to go uninsured.  The prospect of paying a […]

Countdown to Coverage: Choosing A Health Plan

Katharine Ligon

Selecting a health care plan for you or your family can be intimidating, especially if this is your first time and/or you have a chronic condition such as mental illness.  As we have shared with you in our blog series, Countdown to Coverage, there is a lot to understand before you select a plan and […]

Countdown to Coverage: ACA and Mental Health Benefits

Katharine Ligon

Access to behavioral health care is not just a matter of having health insurance; it also requires an adequate scope of covered benefits in a health plan.  For many years, benefits for Mental Health and Substance Use (MH/SU) services were not included in many health plans.  In addition, when an employer did chose to offer […]

New Census Data Released Today Underscore Texas’ Need for Affordable Health Coverage

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The Center for Public Policy Priorities’ Anne Dunkelberg, associate director and senior health policy analyst, made the following statement about today’s release of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey: “Today’s release shows that Texas still has the highest rate of uninsured in the United States, at 24.6 percent, or 6.4 million, reaffirming the need […]