OPED—Child Nutrition Starts First Thing In The Morning

“Texans want our public schools to prepare children to be ready for college or to make a living after high school. Texans have lots of ideas about how to make sure that happens. But lost in all the talk about school funding, student testing and teacher accountability is one relatively simple step proven to work […]

Hearing Last Week Offers First Step towards Eliminating Destructive SNAP Policy

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan About a month ago, we released a report that outlined the harmful impact of Texas’ lifetime ban on SNAP (food stamps) for ex-drug offenders.  The paper also highlighted the opportunity for the Texas Legislature to opt out of the dated federal law in order to increase food security and reduce recidivism in […]

Cutting WIC Means Greater Federal Spending Elsewhere

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan If you’ve been following the news on the sequestration, you may know that the SNAP program is exempt from the automatic spending cuts that took effect on March 1, 2013.  You may not know, however, that a similarly critical nutrition program, the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program is not exempt.  […]


At CPPP, we believe in the people of Texas. And we believe that all Texans deserve a chance to live a safe and healthy life–seeing a doctor when they need one, having healthy food on the table, and getting the education they need to secure their economic future. But what does it take for families […]

211 Data: Austin-area residents struggling to make ends meet

We believe that every Texas family has the right to live a safe and healthy life. That means stable housing, nutritious food on the table, and access to a good education and training for the jobs of today . . . and tomorrow. Recent data from the United Way of Greater Austin’s 211 Navigation Center […]

The Curious Case of No-Charge School Breakfast–How Serving More for Less Pays Off

Texas school cafeterias served over 300 million breakfasts in the 2011-2012 school year to an average of 1.6 million kids per day across over 8,000 campuses. Yet even with such high numbers, only 60 percent of students receiving free or reduced-priced lunch receive breakfast. The financing of the School Breakfast Program makes it feasible to […]

TANF For Needy Families Protects Poorest Children–SB 11 Would Hurt Kids

“Helping needy families with children is both in their interest and in ours as a society. One way we help is through cash assistance for the poorest families, though we require parents who can to move from welfare to work. Texas has 718,000 families with children living in poverty. Of those, fewer than 45,000 families […]

Lege Update–What’s happening with SNAP?

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan  It’s been a busy couple months at the Texas Capitol and a handful of bills related to SNAP (formerly food stamps) have been filed. Some of the bills aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SNAP in its mission to ensure that Texans don’t go to bed hungry at night. Several […]

New SNAP Paper–Promoting Successful Rehabilitation & Reentry of Ex-Drug Offenders

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan To promote the successful rehabilitation and reentry of ex-drug offenders, Texas must join the 41 states that have passed legislation eliminating or modifying the ban that prevents former drug felons from receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, is a federally funded nutrition assistance program that […]

March 4–Save the Date for #AmplifyATX!

Working for a Better Texas

We are proud to be participating in a big day of giving in our home base of Austin, Texas! In just three short weeks, we’re joining 300+ nonprofits in the Capital City to raise at least $1 million for the organizations that make Austin, and Texas, great. Amplify Austin is a 24-hour day of giving, and we’d […]