2013 Lege–Universal School Breakfast

Last school year Texas’ school cafeterias served an astonishing 300 million breakfasts.  But remarkably, that only covered 60 percent of the students who received free or reduced price lunches during the same year. This means that nearly one million of Texas’ low-income children who qualify for breakfast are not receiving it each day. The School […]

Farm Bill Extension Protects SNAP For Now

The fiscal cliff left policy junkies across the country on the edge of their chairs though the New Year. Yet while we wonks all speculated about the destiny of the Bush Tax Cuts and the ominous sequestration, parents feared the milk cliff and the prospect that their growing teenage sons might drive them to financial […]

OPED: In Texas, Everyone Deserves a Fighting Chance

This weekend, we contributed a piece to the Austin American-Statesman’s legislative series. You can read the full oped below, which originally ran in the Statesman on Sunday, Dec. 9: Sarah Campsey’s children are her world. She’d sacrifice anything to give them the best life she can. Three years ago, Sarah had to choose between keeping […]

The Farm Bill Meets the Fiscal Cliff

Working for a Better Texas

By Jeanie Donovan The 2008 Farm Bill expired on September 30, 2012, after the House and the Senate were unable to reach agreement on new legislation.  Since then, Congress’ focus has largely shifted away from the Farm Bill to the pending “fiscal cliff” that could take effect on January 1, 2013. However, the reauthorization of […]

How We Talk About Hunger

Jonathan Lewis

By Jonathan Lewis You may have heard murmurs of a recent report released by the USDA. This report addresses what is called “food security.” If you’re not familiar with the term, you might conclude this research concerns protecting our food sources from terrorism or assuring our food is free of pathogens, both logical and important […]