Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Bad for Texas

//Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Bad for Texas

To create a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure, CPPP believes our state should provide pathways to opportunity for all immigrants – not put up barriers to their productive participation in our shared economy and society.

This week the House State Affairs Committee will hear public testimony on SB 4. The House version of the bill may no longer contain the provision that would deny state grant funds to local entities like cities and counties that fail to comply with federal immigration detainer requests. But this anti-“sanctuary city” proposal still poses a serious threat to immigrant families and the Texas economy by:

  • Undermining the public safety and economic prosperity of Texas communities.
  • Requiring campus police at public and private colleges and universities to enforce federal immigration law.
  • Imposing civil and criminal penalties on local law enforcement for setting their own public safety priorities in response to the needs of their communities.

Read our analysis of SB 4, and let your Texas State Representative know what you think about this proposal.

View more CPPP analysis of the impact of state policies on Texas immigrants.

Mia Ibarra helps develop and coordinate advocacy and engagement strategies across all of CPPP’s policy areas. She joined the Center in 2012 as an Outreach Associate and coordinator of Texas Forward, a state-wide revenue coalition, and has since focused on a variety of issue areas including immigration and family-friendly workplace policies like paid sick days. Mia holds a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Arts in political economy from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

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  • I am a Bilingual Teacher and love my students and their families. However, it is presumptuous to assume that all teachers are against HB 4. I believe in the American Dream. Some of my family members worked as migrant workers when I was a child and they have now obtained their citizenship.

    However, I am totally for deporting illegal CRIMINALS from any country, including those south of our border. They have robbed, raped, killed and helped the drug problem in our state and country far too long.
    It is time for true Texans (born here or not) to stand up for what is right. Help undocumented people become law abiding, income tax paying Americans and get the law- breaking criminals out of our state and country.
    I hope Texas never harbors criminals from other countries. They drain our economy and hurt our people.

    Maybe we should counter HB 4 with a bill that requires our hard working illegal immigrants to seek citizenship and obtain documents so that they can be fully vested as American citizens who can contribute and enjoy the benefits we all so widely support. I’m proud to be a relative of a once-illegal migrant worker who has become a citizen rightfully so. I’m also very blessed to work with bilingual children who are learning that to be an American is to be a responsible law abiding, tax paying individual. Thank you for being an advocate for these wonderful hard working people.

    Sandi 20.03.2017

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