Just What We Needed

Ann Beeson

Last week was just what I needed. Over 300 advocates, policy experts, public officials and concerned Texans gathered in Austin for our biennial Dare Texas Summit. Surrounded by creativity, policy solutions, and great people, I recharged my batteries for the upcoming legislative session. Check out the photos from the event here and our recap video here!


Creative Action performing at our Dare Texas Summit.

I was particularly inspired by seven young people from Creative Action. Their spoken word performance eloquently expressed what they need from our public education system, and how public policy impacts their lives, for better or worse.

At CPPP, we stand ready to advocate for them and for all hard-working Texans at the Capitol. As our latest video explains, we’ll work with lawmakers to ensure that all kids have access to a top notch public school education, to protect and expand health care coverage, and to make meaningful investments that will ensure a strong future for Texas.

The upcoming 140 days (and maybe more) at the Capitol will be contentious. Regardless of the headlines and hot button distractions, CPPP will stay focused on fact-based policy solutions that expand opportunity for more Texans.

I know 2016 has been a hard year for many, and it’s not quite over. But CPPP is ready to bring over three decades of experience and perseverance to the Capitol to give all Texans the chance to compete and succeed in life. Let’s get to work.

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