Best holiday wishes from CPPP

////Best holiday wishes from CPPP
Working for a Better Texas

The blog will be quiet for the next couple of weeks while we enjoy some holiday cheer and rest up to get for the 2015 legislative session. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a few updates over the holidays, and we’ll see you back here in 2015!


Happy Holidays 2014

At the Center for Public Policy Priorities, we believe in a Texas that offers everyone the chance to compete and succeed in life. We envision a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure. We want the best Texas - a proud state that sets the bar nationally by expanding opportunity for all. CPPP is an independent public policy organization that uses data and analysis to advocate for solutions that enable Texans of all backgrounds to reach their full potential. We dare Texas to be the best state for hard-working people and their families.

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