Maximizing Access to College for Immigrant Children Builds the Texas Economy

///Maximizing Access to College for Immigrant Children Builds the Texas Economy
Rachel Cooper

Texans want immigration reform and Congress may soon take up the task. In the meantime, what should the state do with regard to immigration?

That is a big question, but whatever happens at the federal level, as we explain in this paper, our state should continue to maximize access to college for immigrant children—whether documented or undocumented—to ensure our economic prosperity. A path to legal status for undocumented children, often brought here at a young age, is likely to be a part of any federal reform. In any event, the United States is unlikely to deport hundreds of thousands of children and young adults who came here as children. Given this reality, our own self interest requires us to educate these young people.

In our new paper, we explain why maximizing college access for immigrant children strengthens our Texas economy.

At the Center for Public Policy Priorities, we believe in a Texas that offers everyone the chance to compete and succeed in life. We envision a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure. We want the best Texas - a proud state that sets the bar nationally by expanding opportunity for all. CPPP is an independent public policy organization that uses data and analysis to advocate for solutions that enable Texans of all backgrounds to reach their full potential. We dare Texas to be the best state for hard-working people and their families.

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