Proposed SB 1 Does Nothing To Restore Public Education

Chandra Villanueva

Today, I testified at the first Senate Finance Committee hearing of the session. Below is a summary of what I shared with committee members:

Last session, $5.3 billion was cut from public education – $4 billion from formula funding and $1.3 billion from education grant programs. We were told these cuts were necessary because the state didn’t have the revenue needed to cover its obligations.

Now, tax collections are estimated to be $8.8 billion over what was projected for the 2012-13 biennium – leaving many to ask if the cuts were necessary at all. However, SB 1 as introduced does nothing to restore funding to public education. In fact, this budget provides 8% less GR than was requested by TEA.

There is no reason to make the five million school children of Texas sit in underfunded and overcrowded classrooms and wait for a court decision when the Legislature can take action today.

As a first step, we recommend that the Regular Program Adjustment Factor be set to 100% and that the legislative intent of SB 1 passed by the 1st Called 82nd Legislature is followed by increasing the Basic Allotment while phasing out target revenue.

2 Responses to “Proposed SB 1 Does Nothing To Restore Public Education”
  1. Zelda Hentschel says:

    I agree with the whole list of needs here in Texas and I want everyone in Texas to know retired teachers have not had a raise in their pensions for 12 tears, Is that how long Perry has been in office? It truly makes me sick to hear how much money is being spent on him, and he does not care if the rest of Texans have nothing. What is happening with the schools is a shame, and health care along with mental health is terrible. It will never change until Austin’s leaders are replaced.
    Zelda Hentschel

  2. Lou McCreary says:

    All good people of common sense need to get behind this ruling and light a fire under the nearest
    State Representative and/or Senator and/or business leader-the Governor and Lt. Governor have their heads in a tea pot-they will take no action unless Texas “Bidness”Leaders decide that educated children are not dangerous but an asset.

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