A More Affordable Option for Texans with Pre-Existing Conditions in 2014

///A More Affordable Option for Texans with Pre-Existing Conditions in 2014
Working for a Better Texas

By Marcus Denton

The Texas Health Insurance Pool (THIP) insures more than 23,000 Texans with pre-existing health conditions. Beginning in 2014, THIP enrollees will be able to buy coverage in the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Exchange and will no longer be denied insurance or charged more based on their health status. To obtain a snapshot of cost differences between THIP and the exchange, this policy brief compares premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximum costs for an average THIP enrollee at various income levels and finds that the exchange will provide many current THIP enrollees with significantly more affordable insurance options. In fact, lower-income Texans will likely save thousands of dollars annually. This brief outlines the steps needed to transition enrollees from THIP to the Health Insurance Exchange in 2014.

You can read the full paper here.

At the Center for Public Policy Priorities, we believe in a Texas that offers everyone the chance to compete and succeed in life. We envision a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure. We want the best Texas - a proud state that sets the bar nationally by expanding opportunity for all. CPPP is an independent public policy organization that uses data and analysis to advocate for solutions that enable Texans of all backgrounds to reach their full potential. We dare Texas to be the best state for hard-working people and their families.


  • Well, I’ll be damned … I left Texas in March, 2007 … after my house burned down in October, 2006, and my mortgager-promoted insurance only paid off the mortgage company what I owed on the loan … and I had a stroke in November, 2006, and I lost my job and health insurance because I couldn’t speak or talk at all … maybe I’ll be able to go back to the land of my birth!!! I moved to Costa Rica were my total health insurance costs only $49 a month – my electric bill is $12 a month – and my cellular phone costs $6 a month … on second thought, I think I’ll stay here – the government of Costa Rica cares more for my well-being than the land of my birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thomas Phillips 23.12.2012
    • Wow, Thomas, sounds like I need to move my family there. My husband has always wanted to go visit there anyway. How’s the education system? (we have a 12yo adopted son with special needs).

      darlene 26.12.2012
      • I have no school-age children, Darlene, so I have no direct knowledge about the education system. I know a lot about the Health care system since I deal with it regularly – and it is wonderful! http://www.ccss.sa.cr/

        I do know from personal experience that the people are well educated and they produce a lot technological products like computer chips and medical equipment (Intel opened a manufacturing plany here recently).

        The schools take their holidays in the month of December. They take the whole month of December off. There seems to be a shortage of classrooms, because the kids do their time ‘in-shifts’ … there is a ‘morning-class-schedule’ and an ‘afternoon-class-schedule’ and each child is assigned to one or the other. Sorry I can’t give more detailed information.

        Thomas Phillips 29.12.2012

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