Katharine Ligon

Suicide in Texas Jails: Time for Reform

The recent death of Sandra Bland in a Texas county jail is tragic. At CPPP our prayers and thoughts are with Ms. Bland’s family and friends. As the authorities investigate the details surrounding Ms. Bland’s death, it’s important to point out that over the last decade or so, sheriffs and other local officials have been […]


Medicare and Medicaid Looking Good at 50

Like so many Americans, I am now in that phase of life with aging parents. My dad has advanced Alzheimer’s. Though he’s still living at home and mom does a great job taking care of him, he needs full-time professional care during the day and frequent medical attention. Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease and we’re […]


Is Texas Doing it for the Kids?

The new national KIDS COUNT® Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation released today reminds us how challenging it is to be a kid in Texas. Once again, Texas ranked among the ten worst states for children. There were a few bright spots for the Lone Star State including improved math proficiency for eighth […]

Chandra Villanueva

Texas’ GED Problem Worse than We Thought

Earlier this week CPPP released a policy brief showing that changes to the General Education Development (GED) test had led to fewer Texans taking the test and fewer passing it. Since our report came out, we have clarified additional data with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and it turns out that Texas has a much […]